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Florida subjects its citizens to incarceration and correctional control more than nearly any other state in the country.

Prioritizing criminal justice reform


Criminal justice reform should be a top issue for Florida lawmakers.

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The Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform works to combat the over-criminalization and over-incarceration of Floridians by changing laws and public opinion.


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"My son will die in prison if these mandatory minimum life sentences are not changed."

- Audrey Hudgins

A Mother's Plea: “Let the Punishment Fit the Crime”

Sentences such as the one Audrey Hudgin's son received are needlessly cruel, tear families and communities apart, and waste tax dollars. Read more from Audrey Hudgins below.

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For decades, Florida has relied on incarceration as the solution to criminal justice issues, costing taxpayers millions without meaningfully increasing public safety.

"We believe reducing the prison population and creating safer communities can be done at the same time."

Political Director, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

"Our system locks up far too many people for far too long. We can't ignore racial disparities any more or enact policies that make them worse."

Shalini Goel
Senior Supervising Attorney, SPLC Action Fund

"Fortune favors the bold, and bold steps are what the people of Florida want."

Raymer Maguire
Manager of Florida Criminal Justice Reform, ACLU Florida


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