Florida's Criminal Justice System Is Broken:

it's time for comprehensive reform

Florida subjects its citizens to incarceration and correctional control more than nearly any other state in the country.

Prioritizing criminal justice reform


Criminal justice reform should be a top issue for Florida lawmakers.


The Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform is dedicated to ending over-incarceration and racial disparities in Florida’s criminal justice system through data-driven, proven approaches that will save taxpayer money, keep our families intact, and make our communities safer by maintaining human dignity, and prioritizing rehabilitation, treatment, and alternatives to incarceration.


the solutions

"You might think that I want the state to put them in prison and throw away the key. I don’t."

- Amy McCourt

The ability to earn and apply rehabilitation credits toward their sentence will give incarcerated people more incentive to change their lives.

If Florida lawmakers increase the amount of rehabilitation credit a person can earn, we will incentivize rehabilitation, save taxpayer money, reduce recidivism and increase public safety.

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For decades, Florida has relied on incarceration as the solution to criminal justice issues, costing taxpayers millions without increasing public safety.

"Our system locks up far too many people for far too long. We can't ignore racial disparities any more or enact policies that make them worse."

Shalini Goel Agarwal
Senior Supervising Attorney, SPLC Action Fund

“We have to remember that the people who are incarcerated are human beings, who have family members and friends who love them, and that just because they are incarcerated in prison does not mean they should be treated like animals. They are still human and should be treated as such, they just made a mistake.”

Donn Scott Jr.
Statewide Campaign for Justice Organizer, ACLU of Florida

"With 95% of people incarcerated in state prisons being released back to their communities at some point, we owe it to ourselves to rehabilitate rather than warehouse prisoners. Let’s incentivize instead of dehumanize and chose people over punishment."

Executive Director, Florida Cares Charity Corp., dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated

"We believe reducing the prison population and creating safer communities can be done at the same time."

Political Director, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition


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