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The Florida Coalition for Criminal Justice is hosting virtual events, hosting key stakeholders for community discussions on the most important issues facing our state's justice system. Check our Facebook page for upcoming events. We hope to see you there!

Demand humanitarian release for people in jails and prisons

Right now, almost 100,000 people are being held in Florida prisons and jails without the option of practicing social distancing or wearing protective equipment. More than 500 corrections employees and more than 2,000 incarcerated people across the state have tested positive for COVID-19. Florida could be heading toward a public health emergency that disproportionately affects people held in our prisons.

It is the state's moral and legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of the people held in prisons and jails. There is still time to act: Florida must release as many people as possible, prioritizing the elderly and medically at-risk, to prevent widespread illness and death in corrections facilities.

Getting as many people out of prisons and jails NOW is the right thing to do. Click here to tell Gov. DeSantis to ACT IMMEDIATELY by using his clemency power to get people in our prisons out of danger.


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CCJR Ambassadors work with us all across Florida advocating for positive reform. As an ambassador, you may:
Speak at community meetings and events about criminal justice
Write op-eds or letters to the editor in support of criminal justice reform
Speak to the media about criminal justice reform Join us in Tallahassee to lobby our elected officials
Set-up in-district meetings with your state lawmakers to advocate for reform
Click here to become a CCJR ambassador.


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