We are dedicated to comprehensive reform that ends overreliance on incarceration and eliminates racial disparities in Florida’s criminal justice system

of floridians believe in rehabilitation

Sixty percent of Floridians believe the primary purpose of the criminal justice system is to rehabilitate, not punish.

yearly on incarceration

Florida spends more than $2.4 billion a year to incarcerate nearly 100,000 people — the third-largest population in the U.S.

prison population increase in 44 years

Florida’s population roughly tripled between 1970 and 2014, but its prison population increased over 1,000 percent.

FLCCJR members include:
SPLC Action Fund, ACLU of Florida, Florida Cares Charity, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, League of Women Voters of Florida, Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, R Street Institute, Florida Legal Services, Student Power Network, Latino Justice PRLDF, Florida Council of Churches, New Florida Majority, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), Florida Policy Institute, Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Public Defender Association, National Action Network (NAN), Farmworkers Self-Help, Inc., Million Hoodies, Family Action Network Movement, Community Justice Project, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida Justice Institute, Fines and Fees Justice Center, National Congress of Black Women, and SEIU of Florida



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